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My Spouse Is Cheating On Me...Do I Care?
By M.R., Aris Investigations
Being a Private Investigations firm, we often get the call that someone suspects or knows
their spouse is being unfaithful and they wish to engage our services.  No problem, we can
do that.  However, we have some questions that we ask first because just because we can
do that, should we do that?  So, now you are asking yourself, what is he talking about?  
Well, unlike some firms, we are not just going to take your money and work a case if it is
not in your best interest.  Aside from the general and background questions we need to ask
to get as much information as possible to work the case successfully, we ask some more
poignant questions first.
In particular what is the potential client expecting to gain out of the investigation?  Do they know for sure their spouse is cheating and
just want to know with whom or is there doubt?  Have they already separated households from their spouse?  Are there children involved
and potential custody issues?  Are there financial concerns?

From these we can determine why the individual wishes for surveillance and we can advise them whether there is good cause for said
surveillance or if it will be a waste of their money.   

For instance, if the potential client does not have children, there are no major money or property concerns, and they already know their
spouse is having an affair, then they may not wish to spend the money out of just curiosity.  An investigation costs money and cases can
be unpredictable.  For example, the client could suspect that her husband meets with his girlfriend every Monday, Wednesday and Friday
and wants us to conduct surveillance on those three days this coming week.  However, that week the suspected cheating husband is
having a fight with his girlfriend so they donít get together.  The girlfriend could be out of town for a couple weeks or the girlfriendís
husband has gotten suspicious so they are not seeing each other for several weeks.  So we could go out on several random days and
engage in surveillance and all we have to show for it is the clientís husband leaving work, coming home, walking the dog and eating a TV
dinner.  If there is custody of a child at stake then these unpredictable days would be worth the cost when the evidence was finally
obtained.   However, would it be worth it for sheer curiosity?  We realize that these situations are a very emotional and uncertain time for
someone that is going through them.  We also understand just wanting to know the answer because you donít already know it.  Believe
me, that is one of the reasons I am an investigator.  I like to know the answers to things and I like finding those answers.  But sometimes
the answers are not going to change anything and they are not worth the cost to find them.  Unlike the title of this article, we are not
saying the client would not care.  Of course they care.  However, if we can help the individual see all of the aspects through the emotions
they are feeling, they may no longer feel spending the money on an investigation is worth it in their circumstance.  On the other hand, it
may be more than worth it.  As a Private Investigation firm our first job is to make sure the potential client knows what they will be able
to gain from evidence acquired and how much money it could possibly take to find that evidence.  We may confirm with whom their
spouse is cheating; however, in their situation it may not gain them anything to possess that evidence.

If we do not feel they have much to gain from an investigation, but after all of our advice, the client still wants to engage our services as
they feel it is worth it to them on some level, then, of course we will work the case.  After all it is their money and they have a right to
spend it the way they see fit.  However, they are now engaging our services after we are sure they are making a well informed decision.

We also advise clients that are in certain types of adultery situations where divorce is imminent, to
get an attorney if they do not already
have one.   An attorney will be able to take all the factors of their pending divorce into account and will advise them of what will help
their case and what will not make a difference.  Each personís situation and therefore each divorce is unique and different.  What
someoneís friend Susie did prior to her divorce may not matter when you are facing the situation yourself.

Hiring a Private Investigator to prove adultery is very helpful in many cases; however, just not in all cases.  Just make sure it is in your
situation before you spend your money.  Aris can help you determine if your case warrants an investigation and we will make sure you are
making a well informed decision.  If an investigation is warranted, we have the knowledge and experience to make your money go farther,
and make sure you are part of the case every step of the way.   We are here to help!
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My spouse is cheating on I care?
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